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Icelandic Interlude 2018

 Icelandic Interlude: Reykjavik & the Northern Lights

Trip One: January 19–23, 2018  — TRIP ONE IS SOLD OUT! 

Trip Two: January 26–30, 2018 – Limited Space remaining!

Trip Leader: Glenn Starkman, Distinguished University Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Director, Institute for the Science of Origins; Director, Center for Educational Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics

‌Escape to exotic Iceland. From steamy hot springs to world-class spas, magnificent malls to art museums, this unique land is the perfect place to relax, recharge, and explore. Travelers will explore the culture of Reykjavik, the Great Geysir, glaciers, magnificent waterfalls and icecaps. The combination of remarkable natural features with art museums, theaters, an opera house, and a symphony orchestra offers a rejuvenating experience for all tastes and interests.

For more information, contact Michelle Miller at the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at 216.368.8745 or

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