Goal I: Advance the scientific understanding of the origin and evolution of systems, simple and complex, natural and human, and the application of that knowledge to human needs and challenges.

  • 1A: Support the origins disciplines that provide the intellectual underpinnings of the institute, at Case Western Reserve University and other participating and partner institutions.
  • 1B: Incubate new and emerging fields of origins science.
  • 1C: Promote and seed research collaborations among scientists in these disciplines.
  • 1D: Develop resources to support this scientific research.


Goal II: Promote the scientific understanding of origins:

  • IIA: Serve as an active link, facilitator and convener of collaborations between the producers of origins science and the creators and disseminators of scientific content for the public, such as television, radio, museums and planetariums, and print media.
  • IIB: Produce origins science content for the general public, and for students.


Goal III: Educate the discoverers and disseminators of tomorrow:

  • IIIA: Create and implement an undergraduate major in origins that utilizes the resources of the partner institutions and their departments.
  • IIB: Develop and administer inter-disciplinary degree programs at the graduate level.
  • IIIC Provide educational opportunities in origins science for a wide range of undergraduates.