The Institute for the Science of Origins is excited to sponsor our undergraduate research program at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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Students are full participants in cutting edge research -side by side with top scientists- to investigate everything from the big bang to the developing mind and emerging life.

Students may be involved with ISO scientists’ research across diverse disciplines for as little as a few weeks or for a longterm research partnership that may last through a student’s 4-year undergraduate career and in some cases beyond!

For summer research, students can apply through SOURCE, specifying that they would like to be placed with an ISO Fellow.

For a list of available positions, see  In addition, many scientists are open to having students work with them but don’t have a specific position or project in mind at the moment, so please contact any of the ISO Fellows listed on our Fellows page if their work interests you. They may have something you can work on.

For more information on Summer Research Opportunities, contact the SOURCE office:

Sheila Pedigo, Ph.D.
SOURCE Director
Sears Library 451

Bethany Pope
SOURCE Department Assistant
Sears Library 451