Undergraduate Courses

The undergraduate Origins (ORIG) course offerings are listed at  http://bulletin.case.edu/course-descriptions/orig/.  (To determine which courses are being taught and when, please consult the CWRU searchable schedule of classes.)

ORIG courses

  • ORIG 101. Origins Prologue: Life, the Universe, and Everything. This one-credit course introduces students to the research interests of Origins faculty,
  • ORIG 201. Origins I: From the Beginning. A quantitative introduction to cosmology, astrophysics, planetary science and geology in which they are connected through the narrative of origins.  Currently EEPS101: The Earth and Planets is accepted as a  substitute for ORIG 201 for the Origins Major requirements.
  • ORIG 202. Origins II: Life in all its diversity. An integrated introduction to the origins sciences including aspects of evolutionary biology, ecology, paleontology, physical anthropology and cognitive science. The course will generally meet at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • ORIG 301/401/MATH357. Mathematical Modeling Across the Sciences. Mathematical modeling as it applies to the origins sciences. Students gain practical experience in a wide range of techniques for modeling research questions in cosmology and astrophysics, integrative evolutionary biology (including physical anthropology, ecology, paleontology, and evolutionary cognitive science), and planetary science and astrobiology.
  • ORIG 351/451. Topics in Origins. A special-topics course in any Origins discipline or an interdisciplinary combination. Instruction may take place on campus or at partner institutions such as the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and may at times include fieldwork.
  • ORIG 360. Independent Study in Origins. 1 – 3 Units.  Available on an ad hoc basis to students wishing to pursue in-depth study in an appropriate origins topic under the supervision of a willing faculty member.
  • ORIG 370/470. Research in Origins. 1 – 6 Units.  Available on an ad hoc basis to students wishing to pursue independent research in an origins topic under the supervision of a willing faculty member.
  • ORIG 485/PHOL485. Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology. 4 Units. This course presents physiological concepts from the comparative and evolutionary perspective. The course is a lecture-based course that can be taken in person or online. Here is the  Fall 2017 syllabus.

Other undergraduate courses that may be of interest to Origins students and others:

  1. MATH 319/419: Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes for Biology (cross lists as  BIOL, EECS, SYBB 319/419; and PHOL 419).
  2. Astr 333/433: Dark Matter.  Here is the 2016 website, which includes the syllabus.
  3. Topics in Evolutionary Biology ANTH/EEPS/HSTY/PHIL 367/467/BIOL368/468/PHOL/ANAT467: Fall 2019 topic is Origins of Mind and Consciousness
  4. BIOL 318 Entomology

To suggest additional courses, please email origins@case.edu

Graduate Courses

The following graduate courses may be of interest to Origins students, or other members of the CWRU community:

Offerings for the public

The ISO offers many enjoyable learning opportunities accessible to the general public, often in concert with our partners:

  1. The Origins Science Scholars program:  seven-week dinner and lecture series every fall and spring on Origins science in partnership with CWRU’s Siegal Lifelong Learning.
  2. Life the Universe and Hot Dogs: talks about science in two great Cleveland bars (to find out details, consult our events calendar, or find the ISO on Facebook!)
    • the Happy Dog at 5801 Detroit Ave on the fourth Tuesday of every month

Those are our regular events, but look for our special events on Facebook  or on our Events Calendar