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Celebrating Darwin

Darwin Celebration 2010 continues CWRU’s Darwin Celebration, an ongoing series of lectures and events that began in 2008 to celebrate Darwin’s life and work by exploring how evolutionary biology informs current research in many fields of science.

Darwin Day
Public Lecture & Phylogenetics Symposium

Schedule of Events:

Thursday February 11 –

John Avise Seminar
“Inside the Human Genome: A Case for Non-Intelligent Design”
DeGrace Hall 312

Friday February 12 –

Phylogenetics Seminars
Wolstein Auditorium
Wolstein Research Building
8:30am – Coffee
9:00am – Speaker: Helen Piontkivska
10:00am – Speaker: Rich Glor
11:00am – Coffee Break and Discussions with Speakers
11:30am – Speaker: Philip Gingerich
12:30pm – Lunch – Only $2 -RSVP to Lori Morton
1:30pm – Speaker: John Avise
2:30pm – Coffee and Discussions with Speakers

Saturday February 13 –

Phylogenetics Workshop
Wolstein Research Building
4th floor conference room: 4-136.

Journal Club

Tuesday February 2 –

Journal Club: Macroevolution
Clapp Hall rm 405
4th floor conference room
4-5 pm

Macroevolution Readings
Losos et al. 1998.
Contingency and determinism in replicated adaptive radiations of island lizards.
Science. 279:2115-2118.

Philip Gingerich 2006.
Environment and evolution through the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 21:246-253.

Monday February 8 –

Journal Club: Phylogeography
Clapp Hall rm 405
4th floor conference room
4-5 pm
Phylogeography Readings

John C. Avise 1992.
Population Structure and the Biogeographic History of a Regional Fauna:
A Case History with Lessons for Conservation Biology.
Oikos, 63: 62-76

Glor et al 2004.
Partial island submergence and speciation in an adaptive radiation:
a multilocus analysis of the Cuban green anoles.
Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B: 271, 2257-2265.

N.B.: Off-campus users may need to use VPN to access articles online.

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