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The Origins Dog Project

Ellis Whee

Canine Health Research

The Institute for the Science of Origins Dog Project seeks to improve the lives of dogs and the people who love them via:

1)  Scientific research to identify gene- and epigenetics-based canine health issues

2) Scientific research on the origins of domestication -including the intriguing possibility of multiple canine domestication events.

3) Scientific research on the mind and behavior of canines.

The Pyr Shep Project

Our current project revolves around research in the origins, genetics, epigenetics, health, and  behavior of the unique Pyrenean Shepherd breed of dogs (berger des Pyrenees).
We are currently in the initial data collection phase for a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of this unusual breed. If you own a Pyrenean Shepherd, please go to the “Powered by Pyr Sheps” section below and we will send you further information. Participation is free of charge and we need as many Pyrenean Shepherds involved as we can possibly find.

Give to the Project!

This study has initial funding thanks to generous private donors but an additional $10,000 is needed to fully implement the work. To achieve this, we need gifts at all levels from those who share our goals. No gift is too small and contributions are tax deductible!

To make a tax deductible contribution now, click here for the university’s “Giving” pageOn the Giving page, under “Designate Your Gift”, please check “The College Fund, the College of Arts and Sciences Annual Fund” and in the “Special Instructions” box simply type “Origins Dog Project.”

Or mail your check to:
The Pyr Shep Project

Attn Lori Morton
Institute for the Science of Origins
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH 44106

Questions? Call Lori at 216-368-4257.
Please make checks out to the Institute for the Science of Origins. For online donations, please make sure to specify Origins Dog Project.


Powered by Pyr Sheps!

To enroll your Pyr Shep in the project, submit the online form below and/or send the same information in an email to evolution@case,edu with subject line “Origins Dog Project”  We need a diverse sample of as many Pyrenean Shepherds as we can possibly find. Participation is free of charge!

Thanks for caring about dogs!

Page last modified: December 27, 2016