(About copied from their Website http://www.case.edu/artsci/evolutionarybiology June 2016)

Evolutionary Biology seeks to discover the history of life on earth and to understand the causal processes of evolution. Through this study, the discipline makes contributions in a wide variety of fields: human health and medicine, environment and conservation, agriculture and natural resources, the discovery of useful natural products, and our understanding of humanity.

The ISO is proud to sponsor this innovative program, whose interdisciplinary nature provides students with a broad range of courses and approaches to the study of evolution by combining the expertise of professors in anthropology, anatomy, biology, geology, and and other constitutive disciplines.

Undergraduates can major or minor in Ev Bio as part of their educational plan. Many students are actively involved in research and a good number end up publishing in the scientific literature while still undergraduates. A few have even discovered new species –fossil and living organisms– and learn firsthand the process involved in the scientific analysis, description and naming of new species.

Our students have ranged all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica, with some focus on East African fossil hominids and rainforest biodiversity among many interests.