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ase Western Reserve University, in cooperation with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, is thrilled to announce a new major in Origins Sciences — the first in the country!


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The major allows each student to map out an individual plan of study with concentration in at least 2 of the major areas constituting the origins sciences. The concentrations may be fairly broad or quite narrowly focused. So, a pre-med student might look at integrative biology and paleoanthropology or evolutionary medicine. A student with interests in paleobiology might create concentrations in behavioral entomology and ichnology, or radiometric dating methodology and dinosaur paleobiology. A student oriented toward the physical sciences might emphasize cosmology and astrobiology. The major has broad support across all the origins-related science departments, as well as faculty from the schools of medicine and dentistry. In addition it offers students the opportunity to work closely with curators at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for both coursework and research.  

Cravat Member, Bois d'Arc formation, Lower Devonian (Held.) age, Clarita, Coal Co., Oklahoma, U.S.A.

The foundation of the major cKona Salamanderonsists of two parts — a  Science Core, foundational courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math — and an Origins Core, which immerses students in the panoply of Origins Sciences, engages them through mathematical modeling, and takes them to the cutting edge of Origins research. Students will choose from a variety of topical courses, which might include exoplanets, galactic modeling, origin of consciousness, forensic anthropology or any number of awesome new courses under construction. Additional extra-curricular activities will take place every semester to build the teamwork skills increasingly demanded in 21-century science, and to give Atomic-Light_blue-3students get a leg up on the amazing work being done in science today.

Applying to Case? Please indicate Origins Sciences as one of your intended majors of interest on CWRU’s Member Section of the Common Application. 

For up-to-date information as things move forward please email Origins@case.edu or Evolution@case.edu

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