Join Dr. Princehouse on a Tanzania Adventure

March 5 – 16, 2018

Tanzanian Safari
during the Great Migration!

One of the most spectacular moments you can experience in nature is to be surrounded by great herds of wildebeest, gazelle, topi, zebra, giraffe, elephant and cape buffalo. Scout for rhinoceros and cheetah on the savannah and watch for crocodile and hippopotamus in the rivers. 2 million animals inhabit the 5400 square miles of savannas and woodlands. Explore the trackless grasslands that support this abundance of grazing animals during morning and afternoon 4×4 drives.

Scan the outcrops dotting the plains, which are favored by large cats, especially lion and leopard. Experience prolific, world-class bird-watching possibilities with more than 500 species in the expansive marshland which attracts thousands of water birds. Enjoy a phenomenal aerial perspective of the Serengeti’s plains during an early morning hot air balloon flight, weather conditions permitting.

Visit Olduvai Gorge with a paleoanthropologist -cradle of humankind, where Louis and Mary Leakey unearthed the first Homo habilis and Australopithecus boisei skulls. Learn from local Maasai people who welcome you to their village and help you understand their culture and traditions. Witness the profusion of wildlife that reflects the diversity of habitats found in Ngorongoro Crater: savannas, forests, marshlands, salt pans and a freshwater lake. With abundant grass and a permanent water supply, the crater supports herds of grazing animals that, in turn, attract lion, leopard and cheetah.

Enjoy world-class luxury and gourmet dining experiences at some of the top lodges in Tanzania.

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