8:00 AM Doors Open
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Public Lectures in the Auditorium
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Extended Q&A with speakers on the Promenade after each talk
Media Interviews with speakers & scientists, on the Promenade

Public Lectures

 8:30 AM Glenn Starkman – Welcome
 8:35 AM Bud Baeslack
“Introduction: Thinking Beyond the Possible”
 8:50 AM Patricia Princehouse
“Evolution: The Origin of New Species”
 9:10 AM Cynthia Beall
“Oxygen: Adaptation and Human Performance in Thin Air”
 9:30 AM Michael Decker
“Brain: What Happens to Humans Who Live and Work at Ultra-High Altitude”
 9:50 AM Joe LaManna
“Brain: The Link Between Stroke, Aging, and Diet”
 10:10 AM Jeremy Rich
“Stem Cells: New Strategies Against Brain Cancer”
 10:30 AM Lynn Singer
“The New Childhood Illnesses: Addiction, Autism, and Lead Poisoning”
 10:50 AM Jerold Goldberg
“Oral Health: Not Brushing Can Damage Your Heart”
 11:10 AM Scott Simpson
Human Evolution: Recent advances in unraveling the complexity of our ancestry.”
 11:30 AM Sarah Boysen
“Chimpanzee Cognition: Why Chimps Do Math”
 11:50 AM Glenn Starkman
“Cosmos: What’s New In the Universe?”
 12:10 PM David Spergel
“Exoplanets: What 3000 New Planets Are Telling Us About Our Own”
 12:30 PM Tom Giblin
“The Universe: Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Why We Care”
 12:50 PM Glenn Starkman
“The Higgs: Final Great Discovery of Particle Physics?”
 1:10 PM Robert Savinell
“Sustainability: Breakthroughs in Green Energy Storage”
 1:30 PM  Break
 1:50 PM Stan Gerson
“Cancer Moonshot: Sea Change in Cancer Research”
 2:10 PM Mark Griswold
“MRF Imaging: Revolution in Detecting Cancer, MS & Heart Disease”
 2:30 PM Charis Eng
“Genomic Medicine: What Game-Based Personalized Healthcare Will Look Like”
 2:50 PM Jonathan Karn
“HIV: Where We Go From Here”
 3:10 PM Laura Kahn
“Microbial Resistance: Can we have pork chops and antibiotics too?”
 3:30 PM Steve Rissing
“Evolutionary Epidemics: Zika, Ebola, Flu, What’s Next?”
 3:50 PM Chris Cullis
“GMO: Friend Not Foe”
 4:10 PM Andy Jones
“Environmental Crises: Water, Biodiversity, Climate Change”
 4:30 PM Alethea Barbaro
“Math Modeling: From Fish Schools to Gang Behavior to Medicine”
 4:50 PM Glenn Starkman
“Conclusions and Beginnings”


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