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The Origins Major: a CWRU Exclusive!

The Big Bang… Life on other planets… The origin of life on Earth… Dark matter… The evolution of the human mind…

How we ask big questions matters. So does how we answer them.  And that is changing. We need people who can think across the artificial boundaries of traditional departments and disciplines to learn, to question and to discover. To do this we’ve created a new major in Origins Sciences, the first in the country. It’s designed to connect students with professors breaking through those barriers.  The Institute for the Science of Origins brings together scientists from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to answer questions about the origin and evolution of simple and complex systems from the big bang to the human mind. We invite you to be part of it. Whether you are interested in stem cells or dinosaurs, nanoscience or human consciousness, exoplanets or mutant viruses; whether you plan to go to medical school or graduate school, become a journalist, lawyer or entrepreneur, you will find like-minded people to share the intellectual journey with you.
Join us!    Email, Call or Text   Dr. Princehouse at 440-478-5292,  or Email Dr. Starkman,

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