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Apr 2: Glenn Starkman “What’s Hot in Cosmology Right Now?”

April 18 Janet McGrath COVID-19 in Africa   

March 31:  Jurgen Bosch  Coronavirus Update: How the Virus Ticks and What we are Doing to Stop it

March 26: Neil Greenspan and Harsh Mathur “Coronavirus Function and Modeling”

March 28: Nikki Puccini “Operant Conditioning of Puppies”

May 7: Lydia Kisley “Microscopy: Historical Perspective, Recent Nobel Prize-winning Advancements, and Really Cool Pictures”

May 14: Ann Reid, Director, National Center for Science Education, “The 1918 Flu Pandemic”

May 16: Sarah Dixon “Early Experiences, Resiliency and Puppies”

May 28: Michael Fricke “Gas Masks, Nela Park and the Cleveland Mousetrap”

Apr 18: LUHD Janet McGrath “COVID-19 in Africa” COVID-19 in Africa   

Oct 8: LUHD Laura Berntein-Kurtycz “Chimpanzee Economics”