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Origins Online

Mar 24 Ben Monreal & Glenn Starkman “Nobel Physics: The Infancy of the Universe and Worlds Beyond our Solar System”

Mar 26 LUHD Understanding Coronavirus with Harsh Mathur  & Neil Greenspan Video:

March 28: LUHD Puppies- the Plusses & Pitfalls of Operant Conditioning with Patricia Princehouse and Nikki Puccini. Join Patricia Princehouse, Associate Director of the Institute for the Science of Origins, and special guest, dog training virtuoso Nikki Puccini for a lively discussion of what science can tell us about how to train puppies –with lots of show and tell! Video:

March 31:  LUHD “Coronavirus Update: How the Virus Ticks and What we are Doing to Stop it” with Jurgen Bosch, CWRU School of Medicine. Dr Bosch has over 50 scientific publications and 5 patents. He is an expert on vaccine design and has been working on a vaccine for malaria but has retooled for coronavirus. Video:

Apr 2: LUHD Glenn Starkman “What’s Hot in Cosmology Right Now?”

Apr 4: LUHD Patricia Princehouse on “The Origins Dog Project”

Apr 7: LUHD Isaiah Nengo

Apr 11: LUHD Emily Hilgenberg “Predator and Play”

Apr 14: OSS “Biology and Human-Machine Relationships in the Present” with Dustin Tyler, CWRU Dept of Biomedical Engineering
Building on 40+ years of neurotechnology success, Tyler’s lab at CWRU explores the fascinating interface between the body and machine guided by a vision that goes beyond prosthetic limbs to interface the human body with technological advances to achieve direct neural connections between machine and human sensorimotor systems to create human-centered, symbiotic relationships between humans and technology.

Apr 16: LUHD Elina Gertsman, Dept of Art History, CWRU.  “Science & Art: Macabre Encounters” The presentation discusses late medieval brushes with epidemics and the imagery that arose during these times. Dr Gertsman was just named a 2020 Guggenheim fellow!

Apr 18: LUHD Janet McGrath “COVID-19 in Africa” video:

Apr 21: OSS “Human-Machine Relationships: Engineering the Future” with Dustin Tyler, CWRU Dept of Biomedical Engineering

Apr 23: LUHD Joe LaManna  “Living without oxygen: anoxic tolerant animals”
Special treat: Joe will perform songs on his guitar after the talk! 

Apr 25: LUHD Darin Croft  “Rafting Monkeys: The Plot Thickens”

Apr 28: OSS “The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic” with Jurgen Bosch, Johns Hopkins University & Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Apr 30: LUHD Cynthia Beall “Why and How We Get Fevers -an Evolutionary Understanding” 

May 2: LUHD Rebecca Rupert “What Should I Feed My Dog? Nutrition for pets vs performance sport dogs”

May 5: OSS “Breastfeeding and Maternal & Child Health” with Nicole Burt, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

May 7: LUHD Lydia Kisley “Microscopy: Historical Perspective, Recent Nobel Prize-winning Advancements, and Really Cool Pictures”

May 9: LUHD “Flat Earth Rising” with Glenn Branch, National Center for Science Education
   When Charles K. Johnson, the president of the International Flat Earth Research Society, died in 2001, he seemed at the time to be the last apostle of his unusual creed. Nineteen years on, however, the flat earth is alive and well, especially on line. In his talk, Glenn Branch will sketch the history of the flat-earth movement, from its source in the ancient Near East through its coalescence in Victorian Britain to its modern rebirth on the Internet. Highlights include the identification of the author of the 1819 pamphlet that inspired the founder of the flat-earth movement and a critical discussion of recent public opinion polls on the shape of the earth.  

May 12: OSS “Fire, Food and our Climate Future” with Chris Cullis, Dept of Biology, Case Western Reserve University; Presented in collaboration with CWRU’s Emeriti Academy.

May 14: LUHD Ann Reid, Director, National Center for Science Education
“The 1918 Flu Pandemic: Looking Back at 1918 from 1995 and Today”

May 16: LUHD Sarah Dixon “Effects of Early Experience on Resiliency in Puppies” Video:

May 19: OSS “Storing Energy for our Renewable Future” with Robert Savinell, Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering; Presented in collaboration with CWRU’s Emeriti Academy.

May 21: LUHD “Migration and displacement in pandemic times: How COVID-19 affects refugees”
with Nadia El-Shaarawi, Colby College and McGill Refugee Research Group

May 23: LUHD Kate Carter, National Center for Science Education,  “Evolving Beyond Adaptation”

May 26: OSS “New Skull Reveals Human Ancestor’s Face” with Yohannes Haile-Selassie,  Cleveland Museum of Natural History

May 28: LUHD Michael Fricke “Gas Masks and the Cleveland ‘Mousetrap’ super gas: Cleveland Chemistry Contributions to WWI Defense”

May 30: LUHD Emily Strong “Canine Enrichment”

June 9 Laura Bernstein Kurtycz, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and CWRU Dept of Biology, “Smart Chimpanzees”

June 11: Andrea Milne “In the Crosshairs of Viruses: Doctors, Nurses and Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things”

June 16: Isaiah Nengo “What Makes Us Apes? Scientific & Cultural Considerations”

June 18: Jurgen Bosch “Coronavirus Evolving”

June 13   Rachel Olson “Canine Structure and Function”

June 23  Cynthia Beall “Human biological diversity, where it comes from and why?”

June 25  Amanda Mahoney of the Dittrick Medical History Center

June 27    Cancelled due to illness

June 30 Nandini Trevedi of The Ohio State University Physics Dept

July 2     Miriam Levin “Worlds Fairs: Technology and Trade”

July 4  No Program

July 7 Geoffrey Landis of NASA. “Mars”

July 9 Denise Dewald “Evolution of The Upper Airway and Human Sleep Apnea”

July 11 Kingman Strohl “Evolving Treatments for Sleep Apnea”

July 14 Laura Bernstein-Kurtycz, Cleveland MetroParks Zoo. “Smarter than the Average Bears?”

July 16 Amanda Lund and Harsh Mathur, Dept of Physics, “On Language”, ttps://

July 18 No Program

July 21 Emmitt Jolly

July 23

July 28

July 30