Black Lives: Science and Race

“Black Lives: Science and Race”
Isaiah Nengo

Thursday Sept 17, 2020 at 7:30pm
via Zoom at passcode 713170
Free and Open to the Public

Dr Nengo is Director of Science and Research at the Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya, and Prof of Anthropology at Stony Brook University. He will address the biology of so-called human races, and discuss what we know about human biological differences as opposed to misconceptions that can range from incorrect “received wisdom” to “white supremacy” just plain baseless structural racism. What should really matter to everyone is how notions of race affect the lives of individuals.


As Stephen Jay Gould, Nengo’s advisor at Harvard, once said:

“Individual human beings pass through this life only once… If their lives are thwarted by a stricture imposed from without but falsely identified as lying within, they never get another chance. That’s it… Millions …are channeled into pathways less suited than what they could do…”


A public lecture co-sponsored by the CWRU Institute for the Science of Origins, Siegal Lifelong Learning Program, and the Happy Dog Bar

The duration of the event is approximately 45 minutes including the presentation and time for audience questions and discussion.

Live via Zoom at:
Meeting ID: 971 5751 5958
Password: 713170

Dr Nengo, shown here with Provost Vinson in 2018