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Life, the Universe and Hot Dogs
Tuesdays (except 4/20-6/1) and Thursdays, 7:30pm.


Origins Science Scholars
Tuesdays, 6pm (April 20 through June 1, 2021)

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Current Schedule
(subject to revision, so check back frequently for changes and additions! Videos for many talks will be posted)

Origins Online Season 2

Feb 4 LUH Ralph Harvey on the Mars Rover Perseverance in Jezero Crater

Feb 6 LUH Harsh Mathur on Islamic Art and Physics

Feb 9 LUH 7:30 pm Russell Engelman “How “Giant” Were Extinct Giant Mammals?” Join us  to hear paleontologist Russell Engelman separate reality from fantasy about the giant animals of the past using a revolutionary, highly accurate. new technique he discovered! Which ones might not be as long, tall, or heavy as formerly thought, and which ones truly are behemoths? The results may surprise you! Password: 713170

Feb 11 LUH Joe LaManna on the discovery of the mitochondrial cytochrome chain – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Feb 16 LUH Patrick Amon on Cyber Security 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Feb 18 LUH Emmitt Jolly on Great Black Scientists – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Feb 23 LUH Mike Hinczewski on the interplay of biology and physics

Feb 25 LUH Charlie Bruce, East Tennessee State University, “Badgers, Ferrets, and their Kin: an Overview of the Mustelids”

Mar 2 LUH Glenn Starkman on physics – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Mar 4 LUH Ashu Sheth on “Obesity and Public Health” – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Mar 9 LUH and Astronomy on Tap! Live from the Cosmic Microwave Background Extravaganza I – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Mar 11 LUH and Astronomy on Tap! Live from the Cosmic Microwave Background Extravaganza II

Mar 18 LUH Lisa Forman Neall on Forensic Anthropology – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Mar 25 LUH Jurgen Bosch “Are We Turning the Corner on Coronavirus?” – 7:30

Apr 1 LUH  Jon Marks “Why are there still creationists?” – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 6 LUH Cynthia Beall “Ancient Genes, Modern People” – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 8 Corbin Covault on Physics – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 13 Alan Rocke “What you didn’t know about the periodic table, and what its history can teach you” – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 15 Pat Wright on Lemurs and Conservation in Madagascar – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 20 OSS Juan Maldacena “Black holes, Hawking radiation, and the structure of spacetime”  (6pm)**

Apr 22 LUH Spencer Schmidt “On the 13-million year old fossil ape N. alesi” – 7:30 on zoom: Password: 713170

Apr 27 OSS Demetrios Psaltis – “The First Picture of a Black Hole” (6pm)**

May 4 OSS Janna Levin “The Black Hole Survival Guide”  (6pm)**

May 11 OSS Blanton Tolbert “The CRISPR/Cas system: Implications for basic science and beyond” (6pm)**

May 18 OSS Joe LaManna on 2020’s Nobel Prize for Medicine – “Living with oxygen: How genes are regulated in response to changes in oxygen availability” (6pm)**

May 20 LUH “Stories of Science in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens” 7:30 pm eastern on zoom: Password: 713170

May 25 OSS Cyrus Taylor and Chris Haufe “Climate Change: What do we know and how do we know it?” (6pm)**

June 1 OSS Beverly Saylor and Joe Ortiz on the “Lake Erie hydroclimate over the last 10,000 years” (6pm)

and more!**

* All talks are at 7:30 unless otherwise indicated, and use the same zoom address: Meeting ID: 971 5751 5958 Password: 713170

**6pm OSS talks require pre-registration and request a $5 donation at and have individual zoom links

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