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ISO Fellow Juscelino Colares on WVIZ

ISO Fellow Juscelino Colares appeared on WVIZ Ideas with Rick Jackson! 
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OSS Spring 2017

Origins Science Scholars Program
begins April 18, 2017
Topics include:
“Alien Worlds”
“Extreme Evolution”
“Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology”
Click here for more info! …Read more.

Hunt Dinosaurs in Mongolia!

Join legendary dinosaur paleontologist  Michael Ryan, Curator of vertebrate paleontology at CMNH, and CWRU’s Director of Evolutionary Biology, Patricia Princehouse for 2 weeks of dinosaur hunting in the Gobi Desert!  …Read more.

Nanoscience Targets Cancer

ISO Fellow Giuseppe Strangi’s research is making it possible to target individual cancer cells without drugs.
He has recently published his new method to manipulate tiny gold beads less than the wavelength of light. …Read more.

Origins Unlimited! Cruise to British Isles, Iceland and Norway

Origins Unlimited! Cruise to British Isles, Iceland and Norway
British Isles, Iceland and Norway …Read more.

Reykjavik and the Northern Lights

January 26 – 30, 2017
Join ISO Director Glenn Starkman for a long weekend escape to exotic Iceland!
Icelandic Interlude: Reykjavik and the Northern Lights

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Room Temperature Insulin

Iso Fellow Michael Weiss is chair of the Department of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and professor of medicine in the Endocrine Division.  Dr. Weiss’s research is enhancing the care of patients with diabetes mellitus through the development of novel ultra-stable and receptor-isoform-specific analogs of insulin. …Read more.

The Galapagos Islands

JULY 12–19, 2017

Join evolutionary biologist and director of Outreach for the Institute for the Science of Origins, Patricia Princehouse, for an amazing trip to the Galapagos Islands. …Read more.

Explore the Major!

America’s first Origins Sciences major!
Find out more
Origins Sciences Major …Read more.

2017 Pyrenees Tour to France

Discover the past and present of human art and culture, wild and domestic animals, and the geography they are adapted to in this small, private tour. Join a fascinating group of people for the shorter or longer version of the tour!  …Read more.

The Origins Science Scholars Programs

For more information on OSS, call Felicia at 216-368-2090
The Origins Science Scholars program began on campus in 2009 and has become a favorite venue for Cleveland area folks interested in or curious about cutting edge science. …Read more.

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